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Sell Products and Services
The content on the Service includes products, merchandising, and/or services.  TAAN TV Shop allows you to set up your own individual store to sell your products and services.
If you see any products or services being sold on the TAAN TV Shop that is illegal or offensive in nature, please report it to us via email.
Setting up a store on the TAAN TV Shop will give you the ability to sell products and services.  Track daily sales. Upload unlimited products within your store and process payments easily using your preferred method of payment.
To protect your storefront account, keep your TAAN TV Shop confidential.
Privacy Policy
The African American Network will not share your personal information and will only use it to share information to you regarding your account or in response to your inquiry.
Your Responsibility
You will be responsible for your own credit card processing, setting up your store and shipping/delivering products or services to your customers.  You will be provide a dedicated link to provide to your customers inviting them to your site.
Permissions and Restrictions
You may use the TAAN TV Shop free of charge, as made available to you, if you comply with this agreement and applicable law.
• You are not allowed to sell any illegal items on TAAN TV Shop e.g., firearms, drugs, and any items deemed illegal under local, state, and federal laws.  Uploading or attempting to sell unlawful products or services on TAAN TV Shop will result in your store being removed from our platform.
• You are responsible for your own refunds and exchange policy.
• You are responsible for providing the terms and services for your on online store, and comply to the permissions and restrictions of the TAAN TV Shop.